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Leopard versus Win 7

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For a few days I have been trying to install Leopard to my new PC.

At first it proves to be difficult, which should not be, because theoretically Intel Mac and PC are running on the same architecture.  After a week of trying to have Kalyway version of Leopard boot with no success, i decided to search around, and it turns out that my particular mainboard, Asus P5Q Pro , need to update a modded Bios firmware to be able to successfully boot into Mac OS.

So I went ahead and flashed new firmware into my computer (WARNING: kids don’t try this at home), and the rest of the process turn out to be much simpler, except, Leopard doesn’t like my PS/2 keyboard, not-one-bit. It’s 8:30 PM and I rode to my nearest computer shop, which is 4kms away from my house, just in time to buy a 10$ Dell keyboard before they closed.

And from dust it booted. Leopard is great, even better with a 22″ LCD. Only a few drivers need to be installed and it runs at its full glory. No wonder Macs still hold a considerable install base among home PCs. User interface is beautiful, from interface elements to transition effect, everything just blend nicely with each other. Before Win7 (more on that later), no Microsoft OS can hold a candle to Mac OS X. Apple’s designers sure need to be the greatest guys from all over the world to be able to design such a masterpiece.

It’s all about details. You click on an icon, it “bounces” nicely until the application is loaded. You push the Expose button, and all open windows are laid nicely before you for your switching needed (believe me, I really miss it when I get back to Windows). You click on minimize button, and your window “minimizes” with a nice animation, both please to the eyes and at the same time provide you a visual “cue” where your windows minimize to, nice.

That’s really something Microsoft missed when they release Windows Vista. The concept is good, the OS is solid, but it’s like rough diamond. Everything feel like XP with a new sugar coat. It’s rough. No one like it. It’s nice to see but painfully to use. But Microsoft really changes the game with Windows 7. And I can say that’s it’s the most polished Windows ever. Dare I say that Windows 7 is even better than Leopard. Much better.

I will get back about Windows 7 later.

By Tung Linh Le

September 11th, 2009 at 11:24 pm

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