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Google Contact Sync: Download

Recently I flash Hero firmware to my little HTC G1, and found the social network integration to be very cool.

But the problem is Hero firmware is so slow so I have to revert back Cyanogen firmware, but I really miss the fact that Sense UI can update my Google Contact with Facebook Contact photo.

After a few days of coding, this is the first release of Google Contact Sync. As of right now it will allow you to manually sync Facebook Contact photo to Google Contact, and allow you to “link” 2 contacts so you can automatically update all Google Contacts later.

This software is provided free of charge. Make sure to link back here if you post GCS anywhere else 🙂 .

If anyone concerns about privacy, you can build your own version of GCS from source code.

NOTE: Some contact’s photos can’t be synced because owners modify their privacy settings. I can’t do anything about it so stop asking me 😀 .

GCS is an approved facebook application. You can go to facebook profile page here:

Facebook application: Google Contact Sync

If you think this little tool worth something, you can consider buy me some beers for my Apple Developer Program license 😀 :

For error report please attach log.txt which can be found at application directory.


– Performance improvement on loading and syncing
– Unlink contact is now working

– More update on Google Contact
+ Should get hi-res pictures more reliably now.
+ Faster, too.
+ If you’re not getting hi-res pictures, please report
+ Should be able to get hi-res pictures from Facebook regardless of friends’ privacy settings.
+ Still not working with Google hosted apps

v2.0 beta
– Update for Google Contact hi-res picture
+ Not working with Google hosted apps
+ Will not be able to get hi-res picture from Facebook if your friends modify their privacy settings.
+ Details: http://goo.gl/6L0Jv

– Now work with Facebook HTTPS.

– More eror handling.

– Should be no more crash (if you experience any crash please report it to me).
– New option panel.
– Add new feature to view only linked or unlink contact, default to both.

– Disable migration for user has error upgrading from 1.3.3

– GCS is now working again.
– Rollback OAuth login. User with hosted Google Apps now can log into GCS.

– Minor bug fixes

– Add support to access error log.

– Picture Preview in Contact List
– Google Login via OAuth.
– Performance improvement.
– Minor bug fixes.

– Birthdays sync (hopefully) fixed. Give it a try.
– Minor bug fixes.

– Only get contact in your “My Contacts” group.

– Found a pratical way to get rid of those . Officially stop support for Sense’s Facebook link.
– WARNING: as the change require a data migration, some links can be lost in the process. I’m sorry for that.


– Minor bug fixes


– Now using Facebook Graph API

– People with a lot of friends now should be able to use GCS

– Install and update via ClickOnce


– Add the ability to bypass system default proxy.
– Minor perfomance tweaks.


– Working again


– New feature: Birthday sync . You can update your friends’ birthday to Google Contact now.

– Auto Match feature now skip linked contacts.

– fix various bugs and optimization as usual

– Update Google Data and Facebook API to latest versions. Think should be more stable now.


-fix bug for people who has more than 200 “links” between Gmail and Facebook


-fix bugs


-fix bugs

-facebook photo preview

-now synced photos are automatically crop to the center. No more stretched contact photo !

-add link to GCS’s facebook application page


– fix bugs

– add back Koushik’s Auto Match funtion

– threaded, so it will be much more responsive

– call it feature finished !


– fix bugs here and there

– fix an obvious bug that any note insert after in Google Contact will be removed after sync.

– more streamlined user interface. Now GCS is dead simple to use .


– better error handling

– add file logging.

Note: Beware of bugs 🙂

By Tung Linh Le

September 15th, 2009 at 12:54 am

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